• Peter S.
    Our family used to go to the original Connors in Redford, but since it closed, started coming here. This place holds up to the same standards as the other one and is still my favorite place to get breakfast. Everything about this place is so comforting, the waitresses/servers, the prices, the atmosphere, and the food of course. Their pancakes to this day are the best I've ever had. Will always come here, and I highly recommend anyone else to do the same.
    Peter S.
  • Alex T.
    A quality family restaurant in a convenient location. Met here for dinner with my parents and sister this evening. Great food, good service, and good prices. I had the supreme chicken breast sandwich and it was very tasty. High quality thick bacon and plenty of cheese.
    Alex T.
  • Katie C.
    One of my favorite restaurants. Great value, quick service, and absolutely delicious food. Nothing fancy or stuffy, just good regular food. The best thing on the menu (Fridays only) is their Mac n cheese. It's my favorite of any restaurant at any price point. All of their items are homemade, even the desserts.
    Katie C.


The guest is the most important person in our restaurant, and we are here because of you. Whether it was a great experience, or not-so-great, we want to hear from you.

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